Need to do magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography?

I will help you to make a comprehensive CT / MRT diagnostics 50% cheaper than in your city

Modern equipment
Minimizing the cost of money and time
Convenient schedule, no queues

Our company provides diagnostic services for a long time.

Personal health coordinator offers you to do a complete MRI or CT imaging. If necessary, another type of examination could be provided. Don`t forget that we are located in the beautiful city near the sea!

The cost of diagnosis is 50% cheaper than in your city!

If you are Interested in our proposal, we will be happy to help and to support you during the diagnostics.

How long will it take? Usually it takes one day, but it differs due to the type of examination.

The price includes: a flight to the Odessa and back to your city, 2 meals a day.
We will help you in any situation.

We will be in touch with you after the examination. You can always contact us via whatsapp, viber or telegram.We will give you all the necessary information about your next steps in your city, if needed.


You can not only appoint the date and time of the MRI that is convenient for you, but also get a preliminary expert consultation on preparation for the examination, contraindications, find out the final cost of the CT/MRI examination you need. If necessary scanning can be done with contrast enhancement


Comprehensive CT diagnosis
3 areas + 1 area MRI free (CT CHECK UP)

999 €

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Comprehensive MRI diagnostics (3 areas) + 1 CT area for free (MRI CHECK UP) 


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CT scan (3 areas) + MRI (3 areas) + complete blood count for free (FULL CHECK UP) 

1999 €

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Why you should contact us

I will help to make complex CT / MRT diagnostics up to 50% cheaper than in your city

Our advantages

Here you can do a magnetic resonance imaging without exhausting waiting in the queue, but strictly according to your appointed time.

Minimizing the cost of money and time for diagnosis
Studies are conducted only on modern medical equipment.
Convenient schedule, no queues
High qualification and sensitive attitude

How to conduct research?

Most MR studies last 20-45 minutes. You will be on a movable table that will move inside the device until the body part necessary for the examination is in the center of the magnet. You may be asked to wear a special device for fixing the head if necessary to diagnose the brain. Most of your body will be outside the tomograph, as modern MRI devices are wide and short. In order to make the image clear during the examination you need to calmly breathe, not to move your head and body. Noises, which publishes a tomograph, you should not be afraid. If necessary, I can be with you during the study. If you are uncomfortable or need help, inform the staff before the survey.

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